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I notice now that there are no knitting blogs on my list. I am not sure why that should be the case. These are the first five I thought of; there are plenty more, but then there are also lots of people playing this game, so I guess everybody will get tagged eventually.

Anyway, if you are on the list, then you can now pick five more people to whom to give the award.

I have been thinking lately about my home office setup.

I brought home a computer from work, since it had all my workshops and press releases and product reviews and stuff in it, and have been trying to get it online for nearly a week. First we had it hooked up wrong, then we noticed that the wrong disc was in the box with it, then Arkenboy gave me the secret password that causes the computer to open a little window in the door to hear you say “Lefty sent me” and it still didn’t work, and then #1 daughter pointed out that we had a wireless router but not wireless internet. The point being that each time our error was a “How could we have been so stupid? NOW it will work!” kind of thing, but I am still not online with the work computer.

Partygirl says I should go over to Cox and ask to talk to their Stupid Patrol.

These technical issues have overshadowed the question of the physical office space, but #2 son and I have worked on that a little.

office 007

Here it is, our shared space.

#2 son studies here. “Study” in this context appears to include “Watch TV” and “lift weights.”

office 006  You see the weights neatly lined up here, along with the Econ textbook and a flying monkey toy.

It seems to me that the desk is not essential to the boy’s studying method, so my computer will not be in the way. There were not actually any books or papers or anything on the desk. All of those are on the floor.

It appears that studying is done on the floor, while lifting weights. We have 20-pounders for cost-benefit analysis, 15s for Keynesian theory, all the way down to a single 2.5 pound barbell which I assume we use to strengthen our wrists while struggling through supply-side economics.

We have a warrior watching over our office 003undertakings.

We also have Silly Putty, a pocket knife, a Game Boy, and an assortment of TV accessories.

We have a weight-lifting chart on the wall for easy reference, along with a traffic signal and #1 son’s pop art panels.

Actually, the traffic sign is a defective Yakker Tracker. This is a thing that looks like a traffic signal. When the noise level gets too high (you can set it by decibel level), a yellow light comes on. If the noise level gets outrageous, a red light comes on and you can even set it to have a siren go off. They are used in schools.

office 005

They work very well, but this one was too sensitive for the tastes of the buyer, and she returned it, so I brought it home to my kids.

#2 son actually has two of these on his walls. And three warrior statues. I don’t know whether they consitute a theme of protectiveness or what.

We also have a surplus neon “OPEN” sign and one that says “party.”

We are prepared for every eventuality.

The gourds were painted by my mother.

Here’s a better shot of them:office 004

I have not actually done any work in this room yet. I am thinking that I will need to dust and vacuum and install some blinds. All those things must be done behind #2 son’s back, of course. My sons are pretty strict about their bedrooms. Anything at all girly, like cleaning or decorating, is forbidden.

Once the Cox Stupid Patrol helps me hook up my computer to the internet, though, I think I will like this space.

cornerofficeThis design photo is more like my mental image of the perfect home office, but you cannot fail to notice that they have no weights.

 Nor any Silly Putty. Nor a single warrior.

A moment, then, to be sorry for the occupant of this poorly outfitted room.

And now back to work.