Once upon a time I made some Anzac biscuits and they were not good. They had a good story behind them, and in those days we’d bake anything with a good story at our house. But as I recall they were dry, crumbly, and tasteless.

So I forgot about them. However, there arose yesterday a concatenation of circumstances. My husband was complaining about the lack of cookies in the house. My son was complaining about the lack of snacks. I saw Lyle’s Golden Syrup in the grocery store (as far as I know, there is no other purpose for Lyle’s Golden Syrup besides making Anzac biscuits). I realized that I had seen a new recipe for Cranzacs — Anzac biscuits with dried cranberries — and that I had dried cranberries, coconut, and oats in the house, all at the same time.

Naturally, I bought the syrup and made the Cranzacs.

Now, let me see whether I can remember the story. I think it’s like our Civil War hardtack stories. ANZAC is some kind of kiwi acronym — Allied New Zealand Air Corps or something. And they were… let’s see… starving out in the desert with nothing but.. oats and Lyle’s Golden Syrup. And, I suppose, some coconut, which may grow wild in New Zealand for all I know.

They mixed up these meager ingredients with a bit of fat from whatever animals they grow down there, sheep I suppose, and baked them on stones. Then they had to get by with that and nothing else, having used up their breakfast porridge in making them. Now, each year on Anzac Day, New Zealanders eat these things and rejoice that they normally have access to Tim Tams.

This may not be the correct story. However, we do now have cookies in the house, and these are better than the first time I made them. They’re a lot like granola, actually.

I made soap, too.