Wednesday April 2, 2008

Now here’s some exciting news: our xanga homegirls Chanthaboune and Alissa are BOTH on the front page at myzip, where probably no one even realizes the connection between them — namely, that Canadian National brought myzip into the xanga neighborhood and they jumped on the bandwagon. I think it is possible that Rampaige has also joined the band, though that may not be the case. In any case, I was glad to see that my neighboring (and much more exciting) zipcode now has a blogger, so I won’t be tempted to write about them.

I have to get out early this morning, so I will leave you with that thrill.

No, wait — if you actually came here for family news, you ought to know that #1 daughter’s car suffered serious hail damage, including a broken windshield, and that #2 daughter has a good shot at a seriously exciting job. In fact, I am only restraining myself from applying for it because she wants it. Oh, and I don’t live in that state.






12 responses to “Wednesday April 2, 2008”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    Too short! Too cryptic! Hoping for the best for both daughters…

  2. alissasorenson Avatar

    Cool! I’m in good company!

  3. CanadianNational Avatar

    Giggle. I loved your comment about 42 blogs and we could make a living. Apparently not the way I’m going – this one doesn’t pay.   WAY COOL about the myzippers. WAY COOL!!!!

  4. feebeeglee Avatar

    Sean’s applied for our zip – because of you guys.

  5. fibermom Avatar

    @feebeeglee – Hurray!

    Do you realize, before the power of xanga came into play, it was pretty much just people on the west coast? I am not sure what we can conclude from this, but I am enjoying learning about everybody’s towns.

  6. illgrindmyownthankyou Avatar

    I think this is the shortest post you have ever produced

  7. CanadianNational Avatar

    RYC: Your kiddo should say the following things for grantwriting: attention to detail, excellent writing skills, able to keep track of rolling due dates, research oriented, and she should add some phraseology that is specific to the grant proposals that she would be writing for the company where she is applying (technology? Education? Nonprofit? Environmental? Etc). Otherwise, be herself.

  8. rampaige Avatar

    It is indeed me at 72701, but I’ve been so busy all I’ve had time to do is write a paltry introduction post.  It frustrates me, but hopefully this weekend I can actually get some quality posts up!  Oh, and a profile pic too, so I can stop looking like a chubby bald man on my page.

  9. chanthaboune Avatar

    MyZippers! That’s funny.

  10. craftymommavt Avatar

    If you want to play, I’ve tagged you!

  11. fibermom Avatar

    @rampaige – I had wondered about the chubby bald man… Well, you and I can send each other the cool stuff for which we say Oh darn, that’s not in my zipcode after all.

  12. fibermom Avatar

    @CanadianNational – Thanks so much! I think those tings would eve be true of her.