I ended up knitting in the doctor’s office. I’m going back today with #1 son, so I will be able to knit further. This is another benefit to long sections of stockinette.

Yesterday I found myself in several conversations about disapproval. La Bella said that she had trouble complying with all those requests for batches of cookies, because she disapproves of people eating all that sugar. (If you don’t have lots of people asking you for batches of cookies, then you should go study right now, because you are that young). Partygirl and I, having listened to someone speaking disapprovingly about the results of poor choices in reading and viewing, were discussing our own reading and viewing choices with some qualms (Partygirl reads bodice-rippers. If you understood that sentence, you may enjoy this — scroll down the page to find Lord of the Hissy Fit). This led us to the question of violent video games — of which I disapprove, but my husband and sons do not. And #1 daughter, when I appealed to her for help in finding some legal and moral source of music downloads for the boys’ MP3 players, allowed as how she doesn’t disapprove of filesharing programs, in spite of her strong belief in copyright law. Her argument was lengthy and complex, and fairly compelling, too.

There’s really an amazing range of things around that stimulate disapproval. Just in the knitting blogs, you can find fairly impassioned expressions of disapproval of wool, acrylic, garter stitch scarves, patterns without schematics, schematics, DPNs, copyright violation, and expensive yarns.

So what do you disapprove of? (EDIT: Because of some real-world responses to the question I am returning to say that I mean abstract disapproval that leads you to choose not to do something. I am not asking you to be mean about others. Would I do a thing like that?)

#1 daughter also weighed in with suggestions for the background color of the Windblown Squares quilt, speaking strongly in favor of either sage green or burgundy. White, she felt, would end up looking insipid. Which would you favor?

And on the subject of color, Scriveling is making the T-shirt in variegated cool colors. I think she is the first to do a variegated one. Or at least the first to announce it. Dweezy has found an extremely clever way to graph his own drawings for knitting. All knitters who also can draw should check it out, and the rest of us should also check it out if only to marvel at its extreme cleverness. If you are still thinking about a graphic for the shirt, you might also check out your library in search of The Tap-Dancing Lizard, an excellent compilation of charted intarsia patterns for knitting.