So here are some things I’ve made. First, I made this sort of brochure with the PrintMaster. This is the one we’ve been talking about having our graphics guy do.  

As it happens, I was working on a similar, though less fun-looking, brochure for a client — with illustrations done by our graphics guy. So this helped me get an idea of how to do his page.

His page will be better, since the graphics guy is doing it. But then I can compare it to mine and make changes so mine will look better, too.

Anyway, I was planning to go ahead and review the program, but it has more going on than I initially realized, so I’ll have to play with it a bit more first.

The other thing I made is this Burda top. It’s always a bother to use Burda patterns, because they come on big sheets like road maps and you have to trace off your pieces, but they always make up well.  This looks like a dark green top in a yellow bathroom, but that is a trick of the light.

It’s teal chiffon in a white bathroom. It’s a light, breezy tunic. The yoke is supposed to be quilted, and will be when I get around to it, but I think I could actually wear this now, under my velvet blazer, if there were some occasion like that coming up.

There’s also a version of this with sleeves, and I might make that as well.

My Northerners let me go yesterday. True, I’d barely been squeezing in two hours a week for them — sometimes not, actually, though I did their blogs on time every week. They’ve grown enough now that they can do it in-house, they said, so they no longer needed my services.

Then, almost immediately, I got an email from another of them — who apparently hadn’t gotten the word — asking me to edit a website. So I’m not taking it personally.

In fact, I think it means that I can now raise my rates at oDesk. I have raised most of my prices, so it’s time, but I didn’t want to raise rates on the Northerners. And in fact yesterday I gave out two prices and my daughters were aghast in both cases at how little I asked for. I’m not good at pricing, it’s clear.

Still, I liked the Northerners and I’m sorry to be off their team.