#1 daughter headed back down to her subtropical fastness this morning.

We had fun, though we were talking a lot about work. I think I do talk a lot about work, which is probably a bad habit.

We had gone to try to find a power cord for my scanner, which has somehow lost its cord. I had gone by myself earlier in the day, tolerating the scornful behavior of the boys in the shops.

“I need a power cable for an Epson Perfection 1250 scanner,” I said. It didn’t strike me as that funny.

The guy at Radio Shack told me to bring it in and he was sure he could find the right cord. But when #1 daughter and I went in, carrying the scanner, he sniggered at my voltage.

Yes, it was not just my scanner that was ancient and amusing, but my voltage as well. I guess a guy who finds 15.2 volts hilarious must lead  a happy life, so I shouldn’t grudge him that.

Still, I don’t have a power cord, and I have a job requiring a scanner. It’s a dilemma.

Having been scoffed at by the Radio Shack boy, #1 daughter and I went up to the mall so she could get some Uplighting. She didn’t say “Uplighting” to the clerk. In fact, I believe we said, “There was something in the bag of samples you were giving away last month—” “Yeah, and my sister had it and I want some. It’s like in a pump–“

And the helpful clerk pulled it right out.

Is this a male/female difference?