This book contains the following exchange:

“There is no such thing as truth” “There is scientific fact.” “That’s just measurement.”

I hereby nominate this passage as the most interesting thing about measurement that I have read this week.

The T-shirt pattern really calls for a row counter. It has a lot of instructions which are accomplished after 8 rows and then you do 24 rows and so on, rather than at a certain number of inches. I wrote the row count out at the side so I could see clearly that you begin bust shaping at 77 rows from the hem, etc. Otherwise, from the perspective of the 84th row, this pattern is very clear and simple.

I went around and looked at the T-shirt knitalong blogs. It is a very cosmopolitan group — you never know when you’re going to run into words like “unterschlagen” and “framstycket.” There are a lot of nice swatches and some great-looking T-shirt starts. Also a lot of math going on out there. I am apparently not the only one who has trouble just following the pattern. 😉

Not So Swift would approve of this. She has some interesting philosophical qualms about knitalongs. I like the practical advantages of working on an item with a number of other people at once, since that means we can share hints and tips and warnings, as well as seeing a lot of different takes on the same item. I even like the temporary sense of community that we gain.

But Not So Swift dislikes the conformity involved in a knitalong. She would like to see “a knitalong where… everybody knits an item that at least deviates in some significant way from the pattern being used, or is an entirely original pattern.” Since the T-shirt knitalong already includes folks who are ribbing instead of hemming, V or scooping the neck, “zapping” the graphic or using something very much their own, trying different yarns, and recalculating all over the place, it may pass muster. Dweezy has bought his yarn, and since he admits that he is “not curvy,” his project will be mostly inspiration. I think our results may all vary a great deal, and the things we have to say about the project on our blogs certainly vary a lot. I present mine for you today in a crumpled heap, just to be different.

(Pokey, our yarn has shipped. This week includes a lot of bold driving, and next week includes not only excessive amounts of bold driving, but also three separate appointments. I was home yesterday and answered my phone every time it rang. If I am still alive by the 17th, I will feel justified in proclaiming myself the very model and pattern of mental health.)