See how cool my rocket ship turned out to be?

We’re about to launch one site and move on to another, so I got them printed up. I think this is how you put them together, though I can’t swear to it.

Yesterday I went back to the optometrist. I go to the optometrist every year or two. My prescription hasn’t changed in years, and they always marvel over this and tell me how lucky I am.

However, last month they also said that the pressure in one of my eyes had increased. So I had to go back yesterday, and it had increased some more.

There’s fluid inside your eyes. That’s what makes them round. Your body makes fresh fluid and drains away the old fluid so the eyes stay the right size for seeing things and fitting in the head and so forth. If the body gets carried away and makes too much fluid, or fails to drain it off properly, your eyes aren’t going to work well. This is called “glaucoma.” There’s no cure or prevention for it. People with glaucoma have to take medication for it for their entire lives.

Naturally, my initial response is to reject this false claim of Satan. However, I was thinking, as the doctor was telling me that I needed more tests in order to get a diagnosis, that this is the first time I’ve ever had a diagnosis.

Now, I guess that’s not true. Whenever they tell you that you’ve got the flu or poison ivy or something, I suppose that’s a diagnosis. But my medical experience is mostly limited to having babies. I’ve never actually gotten a Diagnosis. I have trouble fathoming a health condition that can’t be cured by clean living and waiting around for it to go away.

So I’m glad that I get to go have my tests this morning, rather than living in suspense. I hope they don’t cost much, but I’m also glad that I have insurance.

I also like the fact that the fluid in question is aqueous humor, which sounds quite fun. There is also something called the Zonule of Zinn involved in this process, and you know I love that.

My optometrist tells me that I’ll enjoy the tests today. “You’ll find them fascinating,” she said. I have buried drusen, which messes up my peripheral vision anyway, and also I am no good at field-of-vision tests. These are sort of like video games. I took a long one yesterday, and tried very hard, but my score suggested that I’m completely blind, which we know is not the case. This is the score I always get, too, so looking back at previous test scores didn’t help. So I’m going to the Eye Center, where apparently they have better tests.

The doctor doesn’t think, by the way, that I have glaucoma. However, she points out that glaucoma causes blindness, so we can’t just ignore the possibility.

I’m trying not to think about the enormous number of things I have to do today, none of which can be done in an optometrist’s office.