Wednesday April 8, 2009

#1 son is 20 today. I stopped yesterday to pick up a cake for him. The girl at the bakery knew how to spell his name. “The Bible!” she said when I expressed surprise and admiration that she could spell it. “It’s a strong name.”

His present will not arrive today. I ordered it online, and didn’t leave enough time apparently.

The ice cream shop fired #2 son for having a bad attitude. I leave a moment here for everyone who has ever met #2 son to get over their astonishment at the thought of his having a bad attitude. #1 son still works there, but he thinks the boss is trying to make him quit. They’ve scheduled him to work only 9:00 to 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights this week. Seems pretty hostile to me — it spoils his social plans without actually providing enough money for the week. #1 son has never done anything to deserve this, but seems to be suffering because of whatever his brother did that the boss interpreted as having a bad attitude.

And I got another imperfect feedback — from the Spaniard, for whom I’ve done no work for months. My average is 4.84 out of 5, so it is unlikely that anyone will refuse to hire me based on that, but still. How could he give me a 4 out of 5 for deadlines when I never missed a deadline? Quality of work, okay, it’s his call, but the only way I could have done better on deadlines is if I had done the work before he asked for it. So we are disgruntled workers here, at least a little bit.

I told my boys to go out and look for other jobs. There are plenty of fish in the sea. And I told myself to get over myself. You can’t please everyone, you can’t win everything, and you can’t be perfect. I always tell my kids this in similar circumstances.

I had meetings yesterday. Four unbillable hours, of varying degrees of usefulness and pleasantness… I still haven’t found a solution for my client who needs a new page, and the grading I did last night (instead of going to the AAUW meeting and my Tuesday class) was frustrating. My online class seems not to own the textbook, not to read the assignment files, and not to grasp the concept of plagiarism. I’m feeling pretty disenchanted with distance learning right now.

Hmm… is there anything else I can whine about? Oh, yeah, I’m still tired. And I haven’t gotten to the gym even once yet this week.

Okay. That’s probably enough whining. I blocked things out on my calendar, and I can get to the gym today, and still complete all my work for the week. I got my taxes done and mailed in. I have plenty of interesting work to do. My husband has four days off for Easter, so I might get to sleep in till 6:00 or so and catch up on my sleep.






3 responses to “Wednesday April 8, 2009”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    It seems to me that you — and #1 son, and #2 son — all have very legitimate reasons for whining. The idea of #2 son being fired for a bad attitude …. it boggles the mind.

  2. princess_smartypants Avatar

    Happy Birthday to your fine 20 year old son!

  3. sighkey Avatar

    I haven’t met #2 son but based on having met #1 son and #2 daughter I also find the ‘bad attitude’ somewhat farfetched. Say happy birthday to #1 son from me.