We’ve moved, at work, from “How is your summer going?” to “Are you beginning to feel ready for school?” as our conversational gambit as we unpack their shopping baskets. Well, when we are not too busy and grim to make any conversation.

One woman said she was looking forward to getting back to normal. It was a little bit of a shock to hear. Not because I haven’t felt that way, but because it made me realize that I don’t feel that way yet.

“Back to normal” as a description of the school year is accurate. When school starts, we have routines. Housework, hot breakfast, drop off the kids, go to the gym, get ready for work… Then dinner, evening routine, class or rehearsal…

But summer has lolling around, making messes, long conversations, ignoring the clock, trying to read all the knitting blogs instead of doing housework. Isn’t it a little too early to give all that up?

I have been reading the knitting blogs, and I have a few more I would like to recommend to you.

Marnie has apparently never read “Jabberwocky,” which naturally makes one wonder whether we can trust her, but she does have lovely and unusual knitting. She also very kindly shares her lovely patterns. As you will have noticed on your own, most “patterns” at knitting blogs are not so much patterns as they are an idea for a rectangle or tube, but Marnie has a bunch of very good ones.

Fickleknits is filled with antic cheer, and has both quilts and knitting. That’s enough, isn’t it? I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a lot of variegated yarn here, and definitely edgy color combinations. But where else are you going to learn about Atomic Force microscopes in combination with knitting and quilting?

Blufelicia has an opinionated blog full of rants and carrying on, with some startling language. However, she is not carrying on and ranting about things like how the yarn company didn’t respond within thirty minutes, but about interesting things like slave names and dogs. #2 daughter and I read her recent posts together, with our mouths hanging open.

Woolywarbler knits well, does a combination of the “everybody’s doing it” and the more unusual, and shows you her progress. A good, solid knitting blog. If you have eagerly visited the knitting blogs I have recommended and wondered whether I thought knitting blogs should contain knitting at all, this is one that will redeem me.

There has been a little knitting going on over here. After a day spent trying, while simultaneously checking people out and answering questions about purchase orders, to deal with people who do not get it when I assure them that manufacturers of plan books will not send them one copy of the plan book faster than they will get our shipment to us — indeed, they will not even sell them one plan book, however nasty they are about it — Ah, well. Let’s just say that there are some evenings when I don’t really accomplish much.

I do try to remember that Leonidas’s customers widdle on his produce and Blisskitty’s try to lure her into the bathroom to look at their sores, so my customers’ mad attitudes toward plan books are not that bad.