My east coast client has already called and asked for a phone call. Of course, it’s 8:00 here, and I’m not even dressed yet, so I can’t complain. I slept in till 6:22. I also was in pain yesterday (I guess spending an hour w ith a couple of people shoving metal tools into your mouth is bound to do that) and fell behind a bit, so today I’m really behind.

This is what going to college looks like, by the way.

Once you get the old suitcases full of clothes, bicycle, computer, fridge, climbing gear, and collapsible laundry hamper in, there’s no room for the clothes hangers.

So this morning I made sweet rolls. I had read that it was possible to make sweet rolls from hot roll mix and caramel ice cream topping, and had planned to do this while all the kids were here. For some reason, I didn’t. So I decided to do it today. I can’t explain this, except that I was sort of half asleep at the time, and it seemed like a good idea.

It’s not a good idea.

I’ve used hot roll mix before — the multigrain kind from the mill — but ordinary grocery store type hot roll mix doesn’t make a dough. It makes a batter. This means that any attempts to roll it out, fill it, roll it up, and slice it into rolls is doomed. You end up with mutant-looking lumps some of which contain filling, and then they taste like Wonder bread, which to me is not like food.

So I guess it’s a good thing that I did it while I didn’t have a houseful of people to feed. Now I’m even later, though. Off to work for me!