Illgrindmyownthankyou said “so are you just leaving us hanging about the job prospect or are you saying there isn’t one?  and how long is it going to take the irs to fix their mess?   arrrgh…answers girl, I need answers!” and with good reason.

Specifically with relation to the job prospect, I am waiting for someone in another town to contact me about my online application. I don’t know whether I will be considered or not — I may be too expensive, if the woman in the tiny office is the current occupant of the position. This I say not based on the woman herself, but on the apparent fact that this is a one-person office. There definitely wasn’t room for a secretary or a bookkeeper to be hiding in there, and there was no inner office, so this may not be the size of or type of operation that I thought it was. We’ll see.

Yesterday at the store, I told a secondary-level science teacher that he might want to check our catalog or our website, because there would be more for him there, and he said, “I take it you’re a franchise then?”

“No,” said I, “we’re an independent store owned by a local family.”

“Then how do you have a catalog and a website with more things?”

“It’s the modern world, sir,” I explained sweetly.

So it might be that the tiny office I saw is the command center of a great operation.

As for the IRS, who knows? I am relieved to know that I don’t really owe them the money, and prepared to fight about it for as long as it takes. When I told the IRS agent that it seemed that this part of their jobs might be kind of fun, in a puzzle-like way, she said, “Sure, if it weren’t biting your chair.”

8But in real life, resolutions do not happen so quickly. On TV, you can usually count on the problems being resolved within the 30 or 60 minutes of the program. This is one of the few ways in which TV is superior to real life.

They also have better props and costumes (British TV) and better make-up and physiques (American TV).

In real life, these things are more like Works in Progress, as we say in the knitting blogs.

But that’s the thing. Normally, I have a couple of books to read and a couple of knitting projects underway.

Look how many books I have right now. One is currently being read, and the rest have not yet been read. Very unusual.


And look how many knitting WIPs I have.

Erin, Ivy, the Doctor’s Bag, the baby sweater.

As for life circumstance WIPs, I normally have a couple of things going on in my life at any given time. But they are usually things like a writing assignment and a solo to prepare, or maybe a holiday and a new craft technique. In fairness, they are also sometimes like Back to School and a broken refrigerator, but still there are usually just a couple.

Right now, I have all the following in a state of unresolvedness:

  • a car accident
  • a dispute with the IRS
  • a divorce (not my own)
  • a family health problem
  • a bridal shower I’m hosting
  • a financial issue
  • job uncertainties
  • Back to School
  • car trouble

So — answers? Yes, that would be nice. But at the moment, I am just continuing with all these WIPs. Today I will be at the store, leaving with any luck in time to get to the choir rehearsal that I direct, Bible study, Bell Camp, and my own choir rehearsal, which is my afternoon lineup for Wednesdays.