SWAP Report

Yesterday, having determined that my schedule was not as bad as I had been making it seem in my mind, I decided to take an hour to work on my SWAP.

This is one of the great advantages of the Sewing With a Plan system — if you have an hour to sew, you do not have to spend it in deciding what to make or buying fabric or finding the pattern pieces or any other preliminary work. Having already done all that during the planning stages, you can just jump in. I watched part of The Phantom of the Opera and cut out my next two garments.

After the opening scenes, which were quite cool, the movie was a deep disappointment, but the cutting went well.

After work, we tried to fix the refrigerator. My husband’s first hypothesis was that it simply needed defrosting and a thorough cleaning. He put it up on a car jack and cleaned it to within an inch of its metal life. I cleaned the floor under it. We returned it to its place, plugged it back in, and turned it on. As of this morning, the thermometer inside it still registers 70 degrees, so this was clearly not the solution.

Oh well.

There was also knitting. I am 4/5 of the way through the colorwork for Pipes.

We ate pancakes from a “complete” mix (just add water) with syrup for breakfast and frozen things for lunch and dinner. They were not as bad as I had thought they might be. Just sort of artificial tasting, not like real food. #2 son admired the pancakes. He felt that they were better than whole grain pancakes, the normal fare at our house. But #1 son allowed as how he thought that homemade food was better and healthier than convenience foods.

That realization might be worth something. I had not asked him, after all, he just volunteered the opinion. #2 son is watching the Food Network, and has volunteered to cook dinner once school starts and his schedule is more settled (his social life interferes with any demanding chore like cooking, poor butterfly). We are hoping for a speedy recovery for the fridge.