Today’s schedule:
4:00 a.m. Be awakened by stupid dogs, after having bolted out of bed lat last night upon realizing that I had forgotten a client’s blog.
4:30 Try to go back to sleep, but have confused dozy dreams about cardigans until dogs bark some more.
5:00 Get up.Threaten dogs. Begin blogging. Make breakfast and husband’s coffee in between bouts of blogging.
6:00 Start working on ecommerce site. Write compelling, unique descriptions of hundreds of nearly identical products.
7:00 Dress and return to ecommerce site.
8:00 Skip gym to continue working on ecommerce site. Realize that there is no chance of finishing said site before leaving for faculty meeting. Crash browser. Make tea while computer composes self.
8:45 Look at syllabus from last year. Change all dates. Consider leaving like that.
9:00 Answer emails asking things like how much to write sales emails for soccer coaching site, how best to improve weight loss website, how much for press releases, would I like to partner with company A, would I like to partner with company B, and have I noticed that the street view gets blurry if you perform a highly unlikely sequence of geeky steps.
9:30 Return to ecommerce site. Notice that it is taking far longer than I said it would. Get confused about difference between premium and non-premium versions of product and email colleague asking for details.
9:45 Receive answer and return to ecommerce site. Think of blog posts haven’t written and vacillate between continuing with ecommerce site till eyes cross, or trying to do blog posts.
11:00 Leave for campus, planning to get parking tag and ID before meeting.
11:44 Arrive at campus way later than anticipated. Attempt to get parking tag, but discover that I must have the old one, which has disappeared while I shared car with #1 son. Must find it or pay large fine.
12:00 Give up and have lunch with #1 daughter. Discuss servers and other geeky things in Panera Bread while being immersed in sandalwood scent of numerous men in ties and badges. Spend 20 minutes waiting in line. Sandwiches and fruit total over $20.
1:00 Go to faculty meeting. Read papers, listen to what everyone did over summer, have bullet points of PowerPoint slides read aloud.
3:30 Speaker announces that he will be emailing all the info to us tomorrow anyway. Stop listening. Think instead about cupcakes on side table.
4:30 Speaker winds up. Someone carries cupcakes around, so I snag one. Secretary comes up with contract for me to sign, entire reason for going to faculty meeting. Sign contract. Eat cupcake. Drive through rush hour traffic.
5:22 Arrive home, make and eat egg for dinner.
6:00 Do Lesson 1 of my online class which began today. Get 100% on the quiz. no assignments, no discussions in the discussion room. Call #1 daughter and ask about her class. It is much more fun than mine.
6:50 Go to choir with La Bella. Sing things with double sharps. Don’t fully believe in the existence of double sharps.
8:30 Ride home with La Tenora. Hang out with husband. Think I should return to ecommerce site. Instead, hang out with husband listening to his theories about America’s Got Talent. Come in to work on ecommerce site. Find that screen swims before eyes. Make threatening remarks to dogs about letting me sleep till 6:00 tomorrow. Write blog post instead of working.
9:16 The end. Will now be going to bed to read and sleep.