Here is Georgia’s blog, where a discussion has ensued on the subject of whether it is okay to knit in church.

I took #2 daughter to the bus station yesterday afternoon and then raced back to work for the afternoon rush. I stayed up till 12:30am waiting for the “I got here safely” call, and was up again at 3:30am checking to see if there might be an “I got here safely” email. She called at 6:00am and hung up right after I answered, allowing me to move on from visions of bus accidents to visions of alien abductions — she was able to dial, but the phone was removed from her hand by her captors just as she tried to speak — you’ve seen that in movies, haven’t you? But, bless her heart, she called successfully at 6:30, sounding as tired as I feel. Kids have no idea how much their parents worry about them. On the other hand, I have gotten the first clog finished and the second begun. I have a gigantic cherry-red bag, is what I have right now. I should be able to finish the second clog today, and tomorrow I will felt them.

#2 daughter’s departure is the marker for the beginning of the new year. The boys start back to school tomorrow. I also will finally have a day off. Chamber Singers rehearsals begin tomorrow night, after the summer hiatus. And next week brings the return to chancel choir, to Book Group, and to BSF. On the 29th, my online group will start the Great Housecleaning (we do this spring and fall). Sometime in the next few weeks we will get school and gymnastics schedules figured out, transportation settled, and chores negotiated. With a couple of hours in the mornings to myself , I will get the house back in order. The dogs will live through the bewilderment of having no one to play with all day, after a summer of fun and freedom, and settle back into their school-year routine.

One of my colleagues has been looking forward to getting back to a routine. She lives alone, so for her it is not the way summer means a messy house and locust-like consumption of groceries. She just enjoys the peaceful rhythm of routines.

I am not mostly a routine kind of person. But by now I can see the appeal. The beginning of summer is very freeing; we give up our evening commitments, we simplify the house and have more spontaneity than we can manage during the rest of the year. This is part of the pleasure of summer. But the change of seasons has its own charm.