#2 son moved into his dorm yesterday. I talked with him by phone a couple of times and he seemed always to be in loud places. His sister says his roomie looks like this guy.

They have the same name. What were the housing people thinking of, putting two guys with the same name into the same room? I’d have thought that would be one of the basic principles of roommate arranging: don’t put two people with the same name together, or it’ll be confusing.

Since #2 son is under 18, he needs a signature from me in order to go on a trip, so I’ll need to start my day by finding a fax machine so I can fax the signature page back to the school. They’re leaving on a rock climbing trip tomorrow. The paper says I realize he could die and it wouldn’t be their fault.

I got the Canadian’s first draft finished. I was trying to remember whether I have had a Canadian client before. Perhaps not. This would bring me up to 6 different countries. I also did half a dozen blog posts, got most of the online class set up, responded to student emails, got approval on the mockup for our latest website, and corresponded with various people needing various things. Today I have another page draft to do for my German  client, and three articles for the [initials] Media people, assorted blog posts (I really need to look at that Windows Live thing Cancadian National was praising), and the whole faxing thing.

Yesterday I didn’t pack a bento box. Instead, I had this, at my computer, after#1 son gave up on any hope of lunch and went to Wendy’s. It’s about the same size as my bento box…