My life is calm. Yesterday I walked the Mud Creek Trail instead of going to the gym. #2 son tried to turn in his summer assignment but no one was in the office to accept it, so I have to drive him back out there today. It’s been busy at work. I tied the new skein of Luna in and disliked how the knot looked, and so I frogged a few rows to redo it.


#2 daughter’s life, on the other hand, is all go. You may recall that she finished school on Friday, and had a good job, an apartment (after some drama there),  a car on its way to her, and was generally moving fairly smoothly into adult life.

So on Tuesday morning, having been off work for a week for finals, she returned to her job and was let go.

No notice. It seems to me, frankly, that the boss probably did not wake up on Tuesday morning and think, suddenly, that he wanted to fire her. I think that he intended to let her go last week, but allowed her — an hourly employee — to be without any source of income for a week while he gathered up his courage or whatever it was he was doing.

So there she was, having been unknowingly unemployed for a week, and now entirely unemployed.

She spent a couple of hours moving quickly through disbelief, anger, fear, and misery, and then perked up and began applying for jobs.

I, thinking of the lease she had signed and the car contract she had signed and her student loans and all that, had quite a sinking feeling myself.

But last night, shortly after I got the update on her first day of job-hunting, she got a call.

“I know you have a job,” the caller said, “but would you consider…”

She has a few weeks of work at the same hourly wage she had at her briefly-held manager’s job, organizing a music library.

This gives her some time to job-hunt without worrying about eviction or foreclosure or starvation or any of those things.

Her grandmother is thinking that she really should come back home and live here while working on her performance career. I think there is little work for opera singers in our neck of the woods. I think that people who hear #2 daughter will gladly hire her, but that folks with positions like that to offer don’t mostly come to church with us.

My mother, however, believes with Thomas Friedman that the earth is flat. She is, after all, a successful writer and speaker living in the middle of nowhere.

It’s a moot point, since there is that lease.

If you have a prayer list, please add #2 daughter to it.

While my mother and I were talking about whether foreclosure and eviction might be positive experiences, we considered the possibility that everything happens for a reason.

I don’t fully believe that, but I find it an appealing philosophy.

At the very least, I think that when bad things happen, one should look for the lesson in them, and the positive side to them.

So, even though I can imagine that this summer will be enshrined in #2 daughter’s memory as The Horrible Summer, I can also imagine that there have been benefits to all the complications she has faced, and lessons to be learned from them.