#2 daughter found Lolita, and I finished reading it. I am looking forward to hearing what the ladies of the Book Club have to say about this book. I hope work is not too busy for me to go to the meeting.

#2 son had a haircut yesterday, #1 son is getting an eye exam today, #2 daughter and I are having our hair cut on Saturday, dentist’s appointments are coming up… It feels like August. I am going to have to take the kids shopping. Sigh.

And yes, I am still reading the knitting blogs. One of the interesting things that I have found is a little bit of a movement to eat locally for the month of August. Many bloggers, recognizing that bringing food in from afar uses way more resources than getting it locally (not to mention the value of supporting local producers) are trying to consume nothing originating further than 100 miles from their homes. This is being called the Eat Local Challenge.

I can’t do this in August. I can barely produced regular balanced meals in August, let alone add restrictions. It is being an interesting thing to read about, though.

However, we did hit the farmer’s market yesterday morning. And breakfast today is a seven-grain cereal milled here. California raisins and Indian tea, though. I said I couldn’t do this in August.