Wednesday August 31, 2005

Last night I went to #1 son’s Open House. I attended minature sessions of all six of his classes. I was able to experience the High School milieu fully, because I came straight from work and so had no dinner, so I was hungry; I grabbed a cookie off the PTA table, so I was subsisting on junk food; and I spent 5 minutes between each pair of classes pushing my way through hordes of bodies.

I didn’t go to high school myself, but these experiences let me feel that I understand what it is like.

Of the six teachers, two were able to make a coherent presentation, three were interesting, five seemed nice, and one was able to run Power Point competently. I was surprised by all this. For one thing, I really would have thought that anyone who made a living teaching could have prepared a decent 10-minute presentation. For another, it surprised me that people who deal with teenagers all day could still be nice in the evening (two of them whined, but after all, their Power Point presentations were screwing up, so there was some stress there). The Power Point problems surprised me as well, since in their place I would either have practiced till I could do it successfully, or not used it. Maybe they had orders to show off the technology.

Overall, though (and leaving aside the fact that his English teacher told me he was in the wrong class, because he is “far and away” beyond the other students — what could I say? “Yes, but you see, he’s lazy”?), #1 son seems to have an interesting group of classes. I wouldn’t mind taking them myself. Especially astrophysics. Here is the cool thing the teacher of that class shared with us. Go play with it!

This morning I return to the dentist. I am up to the beginning of the raglan shaping on Brooklyn, and may get a bit further this morning in the waiting room. Then tonight there is choir practice. Never a dull moment.






5 responses to “Wednesday August 31, 2005”

  1. sandee_emi Avatar

    As far as I’m concerned (and based upon MY experience in high school), you didn’t miss much by not attending!

  2. sighkey Avatar

    I don’t have a problem with power point itself but I do have a problem with the fact that it makes it easy for people to make really flash-looking presentations – so flash that most of the audience don’t realise that there is no substance to the presentation. What I’d like to see are presentation competitions in which all presenters have to use a whiteboard or blackboard  and their voice for the entire presentation. That would sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    I couldn’t get out of high school fast enough – I was ready to leave at 15 but needed university entrance qualification just in case I might have wanted to go to varsity one day – could only do UE in 6th form (age 16 to 17). I started job hunting at 16 as soon as I got UE and finally managed to escape a week or two after I turned 17. The only thing that made high school bearable was a handful of very good teachers who did their best to prevent me getting bored out of my skull. My sister left at 15, my brother , at 17 just after he got UE. School was not our favourite place.

  3. chanthaboune Avatar

    That thing is ridiculously cool!

  4.  Avatar

    You didn’t go to high school? What did you do? Lucky.

  5. sighkey Avatar

    I second Chanthaboune’s comment!