Today #2 son and I have dental appointments.

I’m feeling a bit stressed.

This is my fourth appointment or meeting for the week, which is enough to make me feel a little stressed. I also have a million things going on, a situation which #1 daughter is supposed to be fixing, just by her existence or something.

#2 son and I took the dogs for a walk last night just about moonrise. It was very nice.

Actually, everything yesterday was good. I went for a walk on my own first thing, and then worked on my Dark Art Lite clients for a while, amid showers of emails and phone calls about various stuff, and fixed up some web content, and sent good news to clients and had an interesting and potentially profitable meeting with a prospective new client and contacted the various designers I’m working with about various jobs. Which doesn’t sound interesting, but it was.

I bet I’ll feel better once the dentist visit is over.