7 The soap supplies arrived. I intend to have fun with these when I get a chance.

Today I’ve got some appointments, and I need to finish up the materials for tomorrow’s workshop. I had a call yesterday from another school wanting a state history workshop, so I’m hoping I’ll get that scheduled as well.

I blithely gave them my hourly figure. I guess this means I’ve gotten accustomed to the idea of hourly work.

Yesterday was a very productive day, though I didn’t finish everything I had hoped to finish.

That was mostly about how much I had hoped to finish. But it was also partly about my having gotten a call from my bookstore client. She said, “Get your bottom down here — it’s free massage day!”

So I went on and had my free massage, and gave the masseuse some free marketing advice in return. Really, I think she should approach companies with office workers. People who sit at a computer all day long. She could set up her massage chair in the break room and run them through ten minutes at a time, and it would probably increase their productivity immensely. Even if the company had the workers pay some portion of the fee, it would still be a wonderful service for them, and might increase morale significantly.

That wasn’t my main advice to her. It was just my favorite idea.

Then I had a good talk with the bookstore owner about her web site and her traffic, and she mentioned that she felt she needed a new product line. I was able to come up with a couple of good ideas for her, supported by market research Janalisa had mentioned, and to list a good selection of manufacturers, none of whom sells in the mass market. This made me feel like a fairy godmother.

“My work here is done!” I said, and flounced off.

I need to gather things up for the church rummage sale today. I started yesterday, packing up all the mismatched mugs and bowls from the cupboard, and today I added those sports-themed sheets and curtains that have been sitting in the linen cupboard since the boys’ voices changed.

The last bit of random persiflage I have to offer you this morning is the fact that I have lately been getting spam in German. I suppose it is spam. I don’t know much German — only the stuff I’ve sung and some words related to needlework. It appears that this mail is not about love, God, sewing, or knitting. Beyond that I can’t say. If I am getting fascinating discussions of philosophy, I’m missing them.

I have to get my boys out of bed for those back-to-school haircuts and teeth cleanings. They’ve been sleeping till nearly noon, so I think this is a job for the double-burner griddle. The smell of bacon may do the trick.