8 Customers came in yesterday unable to remember their names or the names of the things they wanted, unable to write a check in fewer than three tries, and unable to stop talking.

This may be part of what is so stressful in my life: sheer contagion.

But I also received yesterday a notice from the IRS telling me that I owed them $12.60 for having filed my taxes late. This is a very small thing, especially since I did my taxes in March, and especially since I got a refund, but it is a good example of the sort of thing that is making my life stressful right now. It is not that big a deal, but I have to do something about it. I will have to find copies of my forms and make further copies and buy stamps and send off papers and stuff. You get a few dozen of these things at once — and that is the smallest — and it begins to mount up. Especially if you are working a lot.

Today I am not working. I did a couple of hours of computer work already, and I am planning to ignore the rest of the computer work that needs doing, because this is my day off. I had intended to do quite a lot of things today, but that was before the Evil Dog foiled my plans for sleeping last night. Toby whimpered and barked and whined all night long.

I got up and let him out, and got up and yelled at him, and finally pulled his crate into the pantry in hopes of hearing him less, and he’s lucky I didn’t shoot him.

Not that I have a gun, or would know how to use it, or indeed would even contemplate actually shooting him, but all these facts are just further examples of Toby’s good luck, that’s all.

I think that digital clocks make nights like this worse. You can see that is 2:00, 2:47, 3:11… The night passes so precisely when there is a digital clock on the bedside table, and you can see the chances of getting a reasonable amount of sleep slipping away.

So I am going to pare my goals for the day down to the absolute minimum and fit a nap in between errands and choir.

Those are roses from my garden up there, by the way. Falstaff, to be exact.

Coming back to say that I decided to call the IRS, and have now been on the phone with them for 45 minutes, and they are telling me that I owe them about $2,600.  I guess  will be spending the morning at the IRS office. This is not shaping up to be a good day.