I had three meetings yesterday, which is at least two too many, I had trouble getting access to the websites I was supposed to work on, I had lots of phone calls and emails requiring things, lots of interesting technical issues, and then I had a fight with my husband and then went to Tuesday class and heard about the end of the world.

Today I taught a class, tried to visit my parents at their new place (they weren’t there), and then came home and worked steadily on one project for most of the day. It seemed much calmer. Of course, here it is 9:00 and I’m back at work after rehearsal, but it felt calmer. I enjoyed the day more.

I have a happy song for you: Behold That Star. This is so much fun to sing, you can sing it at any time at all. It doesn’t require any accompaniment, though we had a terrific piano player with us, but you can clap and wave your hands and dance around while you sing it. This makes it good for stressful days. You could also hum it to yourself in a contemplative manner at the end of a satisfyingly full day.

Either way.

Do you still have leftovers? Not things you cooked on Thanksgiving, because those would be old by now, but ingredients. Here’s what I made with my leftover box of stuffing mix: Chicken Bruschetta Bake.Turkey and vegetables are ordinary food that you can use in normal ways, but  Cranberry Coffee Cake is good to use up that cranberry sauce.

You can sing while you cook.