12 This may not look much like an elephant now, but it will. See the trunk on the needles? And the little elephant feet at the bottom of the headless body?

Yesterday was my last day of class. I got a raise at the college (we all did, so it wasn’t anything I did) and will have an online class next year in addition to the face-to-face one, so that’s a nice regular assignment.

Arrived home, I tried to get my finance/tech blog posts written, but #1 son had a paper to write, so it went like this:

Me writing: “Mozy —“

#1 son talking: “I can’t find any freaking academic websites about this topic!”
Me talking: “That’s rough. Try adding ‘research’ to your search string.”
Me writing: “Mozy Rem—“
#1 son: “I’ve been looking all morning and I can’t find anything.”
Me: “Okay, let me see what I can find you. What in particular–?”

#1 son specifies. I search and send him some links.

Me writing: “Mozy Remote–“
#1 son: “How can I cite this? I have to use APA style. What’s APA style?”
Me: “I have a book you can look it up in.”
#1 son: “Grrr. I can’t find the author.”
Me: “Well, let me se…”
#1 son: “Never mind, I just can’t find the author.”

I begin an explanation of what to do when you can’t find the author.

#1 son: “I don’t need to know that, I just need to know the name of the author!”
Me writing: “Mozy Remote B–“
#1 son: “So was this written in 1995?”

This went on for a couple of hours, until I was ready to scream. I should have just given up on getting my own assignment done and helped him with his. It would have been just as effective. As it was, I got nothing done and also had a sullen teenager.

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done, having completed it online after I gave up on working for the evening. I also have a chest freezer filled to the brim with food. As much decorating has been done as is going to be done this year. I therefore repaired to the sofa — I had missed my Tuesday night class in my determination to get at least two of the articles done — to work on my handmade gifts. To wit, the elephant.

The song for today is “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly.” Here it is for guitar. Here‘s the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing it on YouTube.  Here are the words and midi file so you can sing it. This is a really beautiful carol, often called “Polish Carol” because its original name is unpronouncable. The traditional harmony is very beautiful, too, so gather everyone at the water cooler, or perhaps all the family in the kitchen, and sing it.

While I was working on the elephant last night, I watched Hercule Poirot’s Christmas. There is in it a scene in which the Chief Inspector is visiting his wife’s family in Wales and they are happily singing “Ding Dong Merrily On High” in six part harmony, and the policeman sat glumly not singing. Sad. Don’t let this happen to you.

Today I don’t have to go anywhere till bell practice, and I hope to get a lot of writing done. I woke up this morning realizing that I got to spend the entire day writing interesting things, and the thought made me very happy. I hope you are also having a happy day.