Today’s song is the lilting Irish carol, “Don Oiche Ud ImBeithil.” The words are pretty in English or in Irish, and it’s a calming tune.

Which might be what we need right now. I got my contracts signed and found my classroom for next term, and took #2 son out to do some final small errands. We took lunch to #1 son, who was working all alone in the ice cream parlor, and he expressed dismay at our having gone Christmas shopping without him, even if we actually had just bought things like cables and blank CDs.

We therefore agreed to wait for him before going to any interesting place, and I will therefor be going out to a bookstore this morning.

Even so, I got quite a bit of work done, though not all of it. I also got two new assignments from the arts center and a couple of little things from regular clients. This morning I arose to another little thing and also a “Justify Your Existence” notice from one of my regulars. I want to finish early today and take off a few days.

So off I go to try to get enough done to make that possible.