The song of the day is The March of the Three Kings.”I only know this song in French, but on Christmas Eve #2 son found Bing Crosby singing it on Spotify, so you can definitely hear the story of the three kings and their retinue making their way through Provence to visit the Christ Child. It’s geographically implausible, but it’s a jolly story.

This is the time of year for developing goals and plans for the new year, I always think. Admittedly, I’ve been spending most of my free time playing Civilization: the Board Game, and not thinking deeply about the future. I’m beginning to think about it, though, in the back of my mind.

In Civilization, there are four ways to win. I always hedge my bets and try to work toward two or three initially till I see which one looks as though it’ll be the best bet for me. There may be a metaphor for life in there.

I start each year planning to have a balanced life, with goals involving my physical, spiritual, financial, and mental well being, and by February I’m totally focused on something — lately, it’s been work, but at other times it has been my kids or community service or a hobby.

Civilization is a board game, so I hope we don’t have to conclude that it’s true that we can’t win in several different ways at once in real life, and must focus on one thing. After all, I have all the non-business goals left over from the past few years. I may recycle them into this year’s goals.