I’m not sleeping well. I keep waking up, looking at the clock to see that it’s too early to get up, and trying to get back to sleep. Today I gave up and got up early to polish up my business plan and send it to my SCORE counselor. Of course, I was also able to chat with one of my IT guys, who hadn’t yet gone to bed. Being a computer guy means you’re never alone.

I’ve also been continuing to consume Christmas cookies and candy, though I have prepared chicken and vegetables and rice every evening. Does making low calorie but boring meals increase the likelihood of eating cookies before bed to the point at which it would make more sense to go ahead and serve sauces at dinner?

Still having fun with Wii Fit, too. In just a minute here I’m going to go do today’s workout. Starting to work first was probably an error, but I won’t compound it by continuing. I just have lots to do — I got two new assignments and an inquiry yesterday.

My business plan was supposed to have a marketing plan component, but I haven’t yet had time to do any marketing. I just wrote that I had a plan if things ever slowed down enough to need one.

However, I did stop working last night at a reasonable time and did some knitting and reading. I’m back to working on Salt Peanuts from Interweave Knits. There seems to be something seriously wrong with the pattern. I’ve linked to the blog posts of the Keyboard Biologist. She says the front s require “a very high level of integration” and suggests that there might be errors. I’m feeling the same way. In fact, I skipped the whole short row bit and just knitted it to look like the schematic.

Anyone have exciting New Year’s Eve plans? We’re expecting more snow, so I have an excuse for just hanging out at home, which is what I’ve been doing every year for most of this century. Sigh.