A couple of years ago I tried to tell you about a song called “Followers of the Lamb.” We sang Christmas words to this at that time, but I couldn’t find you a recording. It sounded, I thought, like Christmas on the Pirate Ship.

Now, since many people spend lots of time putting stuff on YouTube for fun, I was able to find it for you. Actually, these aren’t the words we sang. I can’t find the Christmas version of this song, and I can’t remember it either, so I have to enjoy this song this season by singing, “Deedle deedle deedle, they followed the star to Bethlehem, tra la la la la, they followed the something star!”

The truth is, a lot of people sing Christmas carols this way: “God rest you merry, gentlemen, dee da da da da da!”

Anyway, this is a sprightly tune. Play it on your fiddle and dance, since I can’t give you the words. You can have free sheet music from Gwyneth Walker for “Followers of the Lamb,”