Yesterday’s meeting with the Art Teacher was in fact fun. I got there after having walked uphill for 20 minutes, and I was puffing like a grampus. I used to make that walk routinely and not be out of breath, so it’s further evidence that I’m getting old. Walking back down the hill afterwards was a breeze, though.

Fortunately, he was a couple of minutes late, so I had caught my breath by the time he arrived. We had some little business talk, in which I got to make it sound as though my transition to freelancing was utterly smooth, which I guess it was, if you leave out all the angst and uncertainty. Like, if I had been able to see what things would look like now, so that I could have taken all the steps confidently instead of waffling around and wasting time applying for jobs all over the place.

The Computer Guy and I have also added a couple more jobs since I last posted. And Chanthaboune and I are a step closer to getting that blasted book proposal in. The editor actually contacted me to see if we were still interested. Chanthaboune says that makes us even, but I was embarrassed.

A nagging client who is concerned about getting the earliest possble start date was pushing at me chatting with me about his concerns yesterday, and I finally did remind him that I’ve always been pretty quick for him.4

“I always work as fast as is consistent with quality,” I said.
“I appreciate your speed,” he said, “and your raw intellectual horsepower.”

I never think of myself in conjunction with raw horsepower of any kind, but I plan to. Next time I’m walking up hills for long periods of time, for example.

I finished and blocked the front of the Doctor’s Bag last night. It looks as though it needs a sterner blocking , doesn’t it? It might get one.

Partygirl came over last night for a chat. I missed class last night because #2 son had the car. I usually catch a ride with Partygirl when that happens, but last night I missed her. I therefore sat down and watched Miss Marple and blocked my knitting, and by the time she arrived — having brought my lesson — I was quite relaxed. We had a bracing talk about the dangers of thinking we’re more important than we really are, amd after she left I got an Adobe screen-share meeting going with Chanthaboune. I love that — much better than Google Docs, I think. It only works with Adobe programs, though.

And I also had a phone call with another person with a cute accent. Being a computer guy, he emailed first. I continue to love that about computer guys. If everyone just emailed first to say, “Are you free for a phone call?” I wouldn’t dislike the phone nearly as much as I do, I think.

Anyway, this guy is from North Dakota. I restrained myself from saying, “You have such a cute accent!” but really, they do. The Empress told me that when she lived in Connecticut, people just couldn’t even talk with her because they got so distracted by her accent that they lost track of what she was saying. I get that.

Class this morning, and then I’m writing some websites. Fun, fun, fun.