The other night, #2 son went to take part in an experiment at the local university’s psych department. It involved wearing electrodes while being exposed to Macauley Culkin and Tickle Me Elmo, among other things. Since Culkin and Elmo are two of the most irritating things I can imagine, I surmised that the experiment was about irritation.

Afterward, I took #2 son to Target to spend the money he had earned.

“Think how proud of us you’d be if you could bend us to your will,” he said thoughtfully in the parking lot. He had in mind my desire for the boys to study hard and do well in school, to do their chores, and perhaps to come sing in the choir, which is desperately short of tenors.

Ordinary parent, or evil genius set on bending people to my will?

Other family members are having some excitement. My husband placed first in the opening night of a pool tournament. Son-in-law is going to the north pole in a submarine, with a film crew.

Yep. Stargate, which is apparently a TV program of some kind, is sending a film crew along. Apparently they needed some footage of a submarine breaking through Arctic ice.

Can you imagine that conversation?

“So, Commander, do you have any boats going to the North Pole? We’re wanting to vanquish an ice alien, and we need some footage.”
“We’ve got some boys heading up to visit Santa Claus next month. You can fly somebody in to meet them if you want.”
“Terrific! We’ll be happy to send a little donation to the Navy.”

I have no idea how you would arrange that, actually.

I have a new assignment from the History Encyclopedia –1000 words on a county to the southeast. I was not happy with the outcome of the last assignment I had with them (that would be the Miss America/Playboy cover one), so I am glad to have another opportunity there.

I also have some upheaval at work. I had a worst-case scenario in the back of my mind when we opened the second store, and it looks as though it may be coming true. At this point, there are three possibilities: my job may continue as it is, it may change radically and indeed for the better, or it may disappear entirely. I have worked there for a decade and a half,and I now have about a month to decide what to do. And perhaps to find another job.

The key will be to look on this as an opportunity and an adventure.