Yesterday was a lovely, spring-like day, so it was quiet at work. Our pen rep came to visit. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood — if Clint Eastwood had become a pen salesman and part-time Tulsa nightclub singer. He always brings us the coolest new pens — this time, it was this one: the Ergo-Sof. But overall it was a quiet day. I spent it unpacking things and thinking.

You might suppose that I would think of matters of great pith and moment, and sometimes of course I did. But I also spent some time thinking about small things. For example, I found the exact shade of cobalt blue yarn I wanted for my bathmat, but it is a wool blend. Wool is absorbent, but acrylic sure isn’t — would it be like a wet dog on the bathroom floor? And there is always Sugar’n’Cream worsted-weight cotton, but it doesn’t come in quite the color I had in mind. The pattern calls for Reynolds Morocco, a bulky cotton/linen, which would feel great, comes in just that shade of blue, and costs $10 a skein plus (since it’s not available locally) shipping. For something to step on? Of course, a store-bought bath mat of that quality would cost much more. But I had just gotten the estimate from the dentist for #2 son’s upcoming dental work, so I had been mentally rehearsing my budget anyway.

Once I had exhausted that subject — not by deciding, just by getting tired of it — my thoughts turned to the upcoming visit of Pokey and her contingent of boys. She always seems to travel with a contingent of boys. Not the same ones — she seems to have an inexhaustible supply. So I was thinking about what to feed them. Since they are coming from KC, my first thought was of course to roast them an ox. However, one of them has stayed with us a couple of times before. If I were a really good hostess, I would have written down the menus in the book I kept for the purpose, and I would know how many times I  had already served this fellow roasted ox, but I didn’t. I cannot, in fact, remember what I served him before at all, except that he was here for the gingerbread and peach frozen yogurt with caramel sauce and slivered almonds, which was so good I thought of serving it again.

No decisions have been made on that subject, either. After all, on a gorgeous spring-like day, when one is unpacking box after box of stickers, the mind can drift a bit. Last night I heard the first faint sound of the peepers — the little frogs which make such an ungodly racket once the weather really starts getting warm. Sleet is predicted for Friday morning, so I am resisting all temptations to go out and play in the garden, but it’s difficult.