Here is Salt Peanuts, laid out unblocked but with the collar pinned out a bit. I want to see just how lacy and how rib-like I want this lacy rib to be.

It’s a nice sweater, and once I get the ends woven and the collar as it should be, I’ll move on to the next project, or at least decide what the next project might be. I’m glad to have a FO for 2010, and I hope it won’t be the only one.

I’ve been reading YOU Being Beautiful  by Roizen and Oz. We’ve been through hair and skin, teeth, hands, and feet.

Much of the discussion in these chapters has been about how bad for you it is to do stuff. Since I have been remiss about grooming for most of my life, I can read about the long-term consequences of nail polish and high heels and hair treatments with cheerful interest and congratulate myself on not having any of the horrible symptoms Roizen and Oz describe with such relish.

In the section on hands, though, I had a terrible shock. A woman’s index and ring fingers, they say, are the same length. Not men’s. Men’s index fingers are about .96 the length of their ring fingers.

Dear readers, it turns out that I am a man.

I had no idea. Maybe I shouldn’t wear that fluffy pink sweater.