I don’t talk much about politics here, probably because I talk about it a lot in real life (we need a term for that that balances between “real life” which sounds like the physical world is better and “meatspace” which is disgusting), but The Empress and I realized something yesterday that I just had to share. Since the proportion of people who vote is so small, we really have no idea what would happen if everyone voted.

All our ideas about who will win are based on the expectation that a quarter of the voters will make all the decisions. We could be amazed if that changed.

Yesterday’s workshop went well, though there were more participants than expected (or paid for, or prepared for). I’m going back next week. My day at the store was otherwise uneventful, though the woman who wanted the bulletin board with glasses called back. Thanks to Mel, I was able to tell her that I knew just what she wanted,and that it isn’t made any more. She wanted to know if we had an old catalog. Whether she was thinking that she could order discontinued products from an old catalog, as though it were a time machine, I do not know. We gave her the phone number of our competition. She gave me her phone number, in case we find one of these bulletin board sets in the back room some day.

I got home with just barely enough time to make dinner for my family: stir fry with pork, carrots, peppers and onions, and noodles. #1 son complained, “Do you know how long it’s been since we had a balanced dinner made for us?”

My feeling is that I make a balanced dinner for them every night, but I had to admit that I had done burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches the previous two evenings. Maybe sandwiches don’t count. I reminded him about Saturday’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn.

“Where was the green vegetable?” he asked, outraged. The vegetables over the past few days have been carrots, tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers, which I would have said were respectable vegetables.

Then my husband complained to me about #1 son’s being a slacker and the low standard of housekeeping chez fibermom of late. In particular, he pointed out that he has been cleaning the kitchen in the afternoons. He says he doesn’t want to get onto #1 son about this, because he will get angry if he does. So I should do it.

I feel sure that you are very sorry for both these guys.

Partygirl called to tell me I was late and I dashed off for Tuesday class, admittedly pretty unconcerned about these complaints.

In Tuesday night class, we heard about God and physics, which quite surprised me. Not just because I’d recently been reading about this subject, but because the speaker — while riveting –has never shown any indication of understanding concepts in science at all.

She had some interesting things to say about light, waves, particles, and the dual nature (human and divine) of Jesus.

So when I got home, I had been on the go pretty solidly from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. I say “pretty solidly” because The Empress and I did take time out for that political conversation, and there was a spell when the electricity went out and we all hung around waiting for the computers and lights to come back on. I was multitasking through meals, which I know is not the best practice, but it was that kind of day.

So my mind went back to something I’d heard on NPR on the way home from work. There is this time management system called Getting Things Done which is apparently all the rage among the technologically savvy. I’m pretty happy with my time management skills, and I get a lot done, but I thought I might find it refreshing to check out the new trends. I find that Wired wrote about this in 2005, so maybe it doesn’t count as a new trend, but we postmodern types are not bound by time.

The central idea is that “stuff” — things in your physical or psychological space that don’t have a place yet — is the source of stress. So you write things down, or at least type them into your computer. I already do that. And, in fact, a quick browse suggests that there is nothing new in GTD but the terminology. That is, this system isn’t expected to be only in the physical world (real world, meatspace… I definitely need a better term). Where classic time management gurus talked about filing systems as though they should involve cardboard folders and drawers, the GTD folks are okay with “notional folders.”

So you might find it useful, if you are suffering from “stuff.” And I might continue looking at it a little bit today, in hopes that it will help my housework crisis and/or get more green vegetables on the table.

Today is my marathon music evening, and I am having lunch with Janalisa right near the grocery store, so I may go buy that boy some kohlrabi. Otherwise, I think it’s another numbers day.