Partygirl and I returned to our class after the Christmas break. We were standing there singing and my mind wandered a bit, because I realized that I was surrounded by silly scarves.

It snowed a little here yesterday (It will be back into the 60s today — it was just reminding us that it could snow if it wanted to), and it made sense for people to be in their woolies. But here were ladies in barn jackets and sensible shoes, with the addition of a skinny lilac-colored eyelash yarn scarf. Brisk young accountants in pumps, with bulky excrescences draped around their necks. Pierced goths with shiny miniature Hogwarts scarves. It was like the one thing (apart from being in the class) that the majority of the women had in common.

I did not wear a scarf last night, but I did have this hat on. It is made of Harrisville wool.

This is what happens if you begin your usual hat pattern with a feather-and-fan. Any favorite lace stitch, really. Do one repeat of the pattern and carry on with stockinette. Then just complete the hat as you usually do.

One of the knitting bloggers calls this kind of thing “moose lace” — lace made in sport or worsted weight. It gives you a neat scalloped edge and a suggestion of laciness without much effort.

Arrived home, I got in half a row of Erin while checking out what my 1943 sewing book had to say about nightgowns. The one I am sewing is from 1912, but that is still closer to 1943 than to 2006, so I thought it might be enlightening.

Apparently, you must first decide whether you are making a Utility nightgown or a Luxurious one. Utility nightgowns should be made several at a time, in an assembly-line fashion, by machine. Luxurious ones (you can adapt your evening gown patterns to make them — I know that will be a relief to you) should have hand-rolled hems, especially on the ruffles, and may be  “encrusted” with lace and embroidery.

In fact, while you are in the mood to encrust things, the book goes on to say that handmade bra and panty sets make welcome gifts. I tried to imagine presenting Partygirl or The Poster Queen with a handmade bra and panty set. Can’t quite envision that. Something has changed since 1943.