I’m getting a seriously late start here.

My new chair arrived yesterday. While I’d like to show it to you, my office is in #2 son’s bedroom, which is such a dreadful mess that there’s no way I can show you the chair. However, I am sitting in it with my feet on the floor, which suggests that it’s designed for sitting in, rather than perching on.

I got a piece of work from a graphic artists today. It doesn’t work at all. This as never happened before, actually. Normally, I give artists this sort of vague concept of what I want and — amazingly — they provide a wonderful thing far better than anything I was imagining.

Now I don’t quite know what to do. I could just pay and let it go, and not use it. I could ask for changes, but we didn’t negotiate about that ahead of time. I’d rather do changes, myself, but if this is a start-over situation, I don’t want to pay double — the price was already at the edge of my budget. I liked this artist’s portfolio very much.

So I’m not sure what to do, but I’ve spent way to much time this morning messing with it already…