I didn’t get to the gym yesterday before the store, but I did Pilates with a DVD. Or not exactly a DVD, but Netflix Instant Watch. They have removed all limits from it (not that we ever had time to reach the limit when there were limits), so now you can just decide one day that while you do not have time to drive to the gym, you do have time for some Cardioblast Salsa as long as you don’t actually have to leave the computer. And you just push the button and there it is. I quite like that.

However, I plan to go to the gym today. And to do some filing, since I am once again working in a puddle of papers. And I have a mailing to do. So I guess I may not be completely glued to the computer all day.

Where the Dark Art is concerned, I have been pretty successful. I’m up in the higher stripe on Marketleap, the store website is on the front page for most of the things we can imagine people searching for us with, the Google Analytics show continuing improvement. Now it’s all about conversion rate.

Well, and continual attention to the Dark Art, because you can’t let this stuff slip even for a week or two without ill effects.

And I have a bit of an assignment from last night’s music meeting, and must track down the assignment from my missed class. Plus I have a show to close and some things to say about fractions.

But mostly I plan to think about explorers.

When I was a child in California, we admired the conquistadors. We admired the old pirate Drake. We learned about them as exciting, bold, daring, swashbuckling guys who did amazing things. In today’s schools, the explorers are rapacious ne’er-do-wells despoiling the landscape and oppressing the native peoples.

I can see both points of view equally well. Sometimes this is a handicap, since a balanced treatment is not what the schools are after. But today’s guy, Hernando de Soto, was a villain for sure. Historians have no trouble at all believing that this guy was murdered by his own men and left to rot on the banks of the Mississippi because, well, he was exactly the kind of guy who gets murdered and left to rot. I think he would make a good object lesson for bad bosses, though that’s not what I plan to do with him.

If you have other views on De Soto, I would of course love to hear them.