My list of things to do, places to go, and people to see today is really way too long. I have been feeling oppressed by it for a couple of days.

However, it does also give me the opportunity for rumination. You see,  for the third grade, state history requirements specify a weird little collection of history facts and topics. I’m going with the geography theme of movement — that is, the movement of goods, people, and ideas in and out of the state. This allows me to include transportation, communication, explorers, Native Americans, immigrants, pioneers, and various cultures, without making it too higgledy-piggledy.

So I swotted up on all these things, got the names and dates and places clear, wrote the reading passages and the comprehension questions, and did a novel graphic organizer project to help the kids get it all straight.

Now it’s time for a grand class project.

I’m having some trouble. I can easily conceive of this as a symphony, or a ballet. A mural, in the style of the early Grant Wood, also comes pretty easily to mind.

A class project? Not so much.

There was a moment there when I thought I had an idea for a class quilt (most classes do them in paper). For a few minutes, I thought I could see squares for Sequoyah, George Takei, and Dunbar and Hunter, each emblazoned with symbolic representations of — well, never mind, it quickly became as complex as the symphony.1

I have to leave this in my mind to percolate.

#2 son and I have dentist appointments first thing this morning, and then I must take him to do his driver’s test and then, following a couple of dull errands, I have book club, following which there will be a couple of hours’ computer time before my Wednesday afternoon marathon (study group, bell practice, choir practice). This ought to lead to some brilliant idea. I hope.

Look what Partygirl made for me. You can see that she is a more exciting and fun-loving person than I am.

I must resist the temptation to fill this little notebook up with notes on Thomas Edison’s visit to the radium fields.

I must also get going. I have done some work already this morning, having leapt out of bed with the full list of the day thudding in my mind, but I now have half an hour to get from here out the door, and I am not dressed or anything. Eeek!