I finally picked up the prints of my Christmas pictures, just in time to show #1 daughter, who — hurrah! — is here to visit.

In order to finish up that roll of film, I documented the Great Tidying of the Crafts Cupboard. Here is the messy “before,” which had become a source of irritation and frustration. Notice the paper bag containing the shards of the antique plate my husband accidently broke, and which #2 daughter thought we could turn into a lovely mosaic. That hasn’t happened yet.

Note also the welter of papers, chemicals, and sharp things spilling all over the place. Is this what you want to see when you go to get your #3 dpns? By no means!




Here is the “during” stage, in which I piled all the stuff on and around the kitchen table.






And here the triumphant “after” stage, when the cupboard has become, once again, a useful and pleasant thing. My yarn stash is in the bright green container on the second shelf. I am obviously a piker where yarn stashing is concerned. 

But this is the sort of crafts cupboard to which, if you have a school project or a sudden middle-of-the-night desire to try out a new technique, you can go with a pretty confident hope of finding the stuff you need.


#2 son made the mask on the wall here, by the way.

The Empress and That Man are endeavoring to tidy up the dreaded Back Room at work. It had reached levels of untidiness never even dreamed of by the Crafts Cupboard. They have unearthed lots of stuff, including many wonderful toys which I have been delivering to local childcare centers, feeling like Santa Claus as I do so.

My personal scores from their largesse include a neon “OPEN” sign which now graces #1 son’s room, and many yards of canvas. I will have to think of something really cool to do with that.