What a day!

Well, you know I like lots of action during a day. it would be boring to write about, or for you to read, but it was interesting to live.

My sister and I had a Facebook chat about code. See, all this time I thought she was mostly a statistician, and really she does programming. I was thus able to have her go look at my “Non-Specialist’s Guide to Computer Languages” and check it for accuracy. I was asked to write that this morning, and it provided a nice punctuation to a day otherwise rather heavily filled with chocolate — not real chocolate, just virtual chocolate. With a bit of shouting.

Tomorrow is weddings and, I hope, whole foods. Also lunch with the Computer Guy, if we are not instead under a foot of snow, as the weather people are hoping.

I should probably go out and buy peanut butter and granola bars just in case. Otherwise, when the power goes off for a week, we’ll be sadly eating Triscuits leftover from Christmas.