Yesterday I had to take my kid to the dentist again, and so once again I didn’t get to the gym before heading in to the store for work. Since I wouldn’t make it home till 9:00 that evening, I decided to take a walk at lunch time.

When I drove up to the store, it was 60 degrees out, with a mild breeze. I stepped out the back door. The temperature had dropped. To 27, actually, as I discovered later. At the time, it just registered that it had gotten a bit cold, and what a shame that I hadn’t brought a jacket.

Also it was windy.

Once my family went camping in a windy state. Our tent blew away a couple of times and we had to re-stake it. Then we had little conversations all night: was this normal, or were they having a hurricane?

We didn’t want to be wusses if this was just normal wind in their area, but on the other hand, we didn’t want to stay out there in a tornado thinking, “Hmmm, they have a lot of wind here.”

It turned out to be normal, I guess. We didn’t hear people talking the next day about the Great Blow of 1998 or anything.

That was how the wind was.

I continued my walk, but by the time I returned to the store, I felt that I had been out in an Arctic gale. My face was entirely red, and my hair had that Arctic explorer look to it, though admittedly without ice on it, so it could have been worse. The Princess couldn’t believe I had gone for a walk in that.

I went back in to continue my forays into The Dark Art. I was doing one of those where you look and see what people have searched for on the way to the site. “Penguin Education,” one visitor had wanted, and another was looking for “bulletin boards for penguins.” I wouldn’t have thought there were that many penguin trainers around, but I did learn in the process that there is a Penguin High School in Tasmania. My personal favorite was the searcher for “gripping adverbs,” but their Google page was in the Cyrillic alphabet, so who knows what they might have had in mind.

Anyway, in the midst of this, I took a phone call.

“Do you have a bulletin board set with glasses?”

I mentioned the old sunglasses set from Scholastic, and that it was no longer being made. Sorry.

“Is there one with a schoolhouse with glasses?”

No, I’d never seen one like that, but we did have some schoolhouses. If she’d come in, I’d be glad to help her.

“Do you have one with a schoolhouse with glasses and a big bird with glasses and a drum with glasses and a ruler with glasses and a —“

I may have shown the whites of my eyes to The Princess. You can’t laugh, after all, and you can’t even say, “Dear, go get your keeper and I’ll talk to them.” You have to continue as though it were normal. I did, however, stop suggesting that she come in.

Was going for a walk in high winds and below freezing temperatures more nuts than calling people are reciting loony poems about glasses? I haven’t decided yet.