It is snowing. It waited until I had gotten safely to work and then began snowing and it has not stopped.
I sent Blessing home at noon when the schools closed, and she called me 15 minutes later to say that she had only made it two intersections north by that time. Since then I have been here alone except for a couple of apparently insane people who came in to buy things, even though it was obviously snowing, and a depressed-looking UPS man with one meager box of books, none of them for me.
I was quite calm about it until the snow actually covered the roads and I realized that I had foolishly worn clogs rather than hiking boots and therefore would be a bit cold if I chose to walk home. What with it being 12 degrees out and all. And snowing.
It was at that point that I decided not to call people and tell them that their books had arrived, for fear of encouraging them to risk their lives on the snow-covered roads.
Blessing loaned me a book and there is some tea in the back room (though not any Yorkshire Tea). I have the internet. I can just stay here.