Here’s Erin. I like the colors. Can’t really see the design yet.

I can’t think much about it, though, because today #2 daughter is leaving.

This is the last semester of her senior year, so it is possible that she will not be living here again. I may be doomed to be the only woman in the household from now on. I talk with #1 daughter on the phone and by email, but it is not the same as having your daughter in the house with you.

School doesn’t start for a while yet, but there is a winter tour for the choir #2 daughter is in. They are going to South Dakota. Somehow, I doubt that many people choose to visit South Dakota in January.

The sock monkey has never been to South Dakota before. There is a music museum there, though, that he is dying to see. This is the reason for his cheerful smile.

He will be stuck in a car for five hours, and will then take part in a brief, mad flurry of activity before getting on a bus for who knows how many hours. That Man gave #2 daughter a book of Sudoku puzzles, though, so she and the sock monkey will be amused on their trip.