Look! I have well-behaved divs!

It took me about five hours to figure this out, and I don’t feel completely sanguine about it even now.

However, I was able to whip the “Rumpelstiltskin” page into shape in about forty-five minutes this morning, so I guess I’m getting closer to an actual understanding of how it works.

The “Rumpelstiltskin” uses my inner page stylesheet, while the one at left uses the outer-page one, which I’ll also use for the homepage. I had to put in two screen shots of the Rumpelstiltskin for you to see how the bottom lined up with the footer and stuff. I’m childishly excited about this.

I used exactly the same code for the margins on both stylesheets, and the outer page has proper margins while the inner page does not, so I obviously am not master of this stuff.

However, I feel pretty good about my chances of completing the assignment successfully, for what that’s worth. I don’t think we’re going to be graded on how good it looks — just on the quality of our code.
In addition to the margins, I need to get the edges of everything worked out to look better, or at least less flat.

I need to get the navigation buttons to look like buttons, not like a list, or else figure out how to get the raggedy edges of the “paper” they were on. I kind of liked them looking like a bit of ragged paper, but for that I either have to make the sidebar white or get a background behind the image of the paper. I trimmed off its ragged edges instead — thus getting rid of the white border —
but in doing so I made it look less like a piece of old paper and more like some scrofulous patch of paint or something.

Not the effect I was after.
I printed out the stylesheet for my website (you don’t usually have access, unless you built in yourself, but I’m lucky) so I can study it and see all the ways in which The Computer Guy’s code is better than mine, and emulate him.

The first thing I noticed is that he specifies everything, even the optional stuff. My website has a special way the italics work, and special little images when there’s a dot, and its own special quotation marks and stuff, and I feel fairly sure that this sort of thing has an effect.

I don’t aspire to that level of artistry, at least not between now and the end of the class, but I am going to line up my code like his, so I can have that look of elegance to my style sheet and impress the teacher, who is the only person who will ever look at it.

I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to float divs, though.

I would love to have your feedback on this project, by the way. It’s due on the 17th, but I’m leaving town before that, so I plan to have it in on the 15th. I have a lot of work to do before then.

Lostarts asked whether this would be up on the web somewhere for people to look at.

I’m taking the content from Dextr’s xanga, which you can reach via the button on the left, so it already is available.

However, I’ve been wanting to take that blog out of xanga for a while now, and if this actually turns out well, I’ll probably ask The Computer Guy to spiff it up for me and put it on its own website, in which case I’ll certainly let you know.

I’m writing a website for a retreat today, and doing a linkbuilding campaign, and getting this week’s homework assignments (the stuff I’m showing you here is the final project) done. I also plan on the gym and choir practice.