The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the food pyramid is on its way out. I remember the Seven Food Groups, and then the Four Food Groups, and then came the Food Pyramid. The Seven Food Groups separated out Green and Yellow Vegetables and Citrus Fruits and Tomatoes and gave Butter its own separate group. The Four Food Groups put everything back together, so that folks could delude themselves into thinking fries and ketchup met the whole fruit/vegetable requirement . The Food Pyramid was supposed to show that some foods were more important than others, just in case there were people who got confused and ate as much butter as they did Green and Yellow Vegetables. #2 daughter says this won’t work — if you eat peach pie, as we did yesterday, you can then just decide to eat a LOT of bread to even out your pyramid.

The interesting thing about the coming demise of the Food Pyramid is the reason for it: it doesn’t work. That is, it doesn’t change the way people eat. As #2 daughter points out, it is only a picture. “Now if it had electrodes…” she says. She is probably right.

At our house, we are making efforts to eat in a healthy fashion. The doctor got threatening about my triglycerides at my last appointment, so we try to follow the Golden Rule as put forth in the book Healthy Foods: down with saturated fats and simple carbohydrates, up with fresh produce and whole grains. Except of course for Chocolate Nemesis, which is a health food.