Yesterday I had a startling and unpleasant experience. I was fixing up someone’s eStore, something I do fairly often. An eStore is one of those online stores you can set up the way you set up a blog, filling out forms and posting items. Volusion does them, and Magento, and probably hundreds of others. All of them have Content Management Systems, and I never met a CMS that wasn’t my friend.

So there I was tweaking things and trying to fix things up for them, and all of a sudden the store disappeared. All the pages returned 404 messages (“The page you’re trying to find does not exist”).

It was horrible. Of all the things I hadf ever imagined could go wrong, breaking a client’s site has never been on my radar at all. I felt sick. I called my go-to tech guys in turn: Arkenboy, The Art Prof, The Computer Guy.

The site was probably down — or not quite down, but broken — for more than half an hour.

Eventually, with the help of The Computer Guy and #1 daughter on Google, I was able to correct the problem and move on.

It was a horrible experience, but I have recovered now. Next time I’ll be all blase about it. With an accent over the e. I’m pretty relaxed about breaking websites, because I know I can probably fix them. Now that I’ve broken a store and recovered, I guess I’ll be relaxed about that, too. But it was certainly horrible at the time.