I brought up the topic of future contracts with my big client, and he told me that he intended to propose it to the board. He’s happy, and if they give him the budget, he’ll continue with me. It was the list of numbers I had for him, I’m sure. I also have a job interview today. Good thing I have a suit, eh?

Do I dare wear heels? I’ve scarcely even put on shoes in months, being as I am a Computer Guy now, and I don’t want to be so distracted by sore feet that I can’t be properly charming.

#1 daughter tells me that nowadays it is the done thing to wear red shoes with a black suit. However, she also has a pair of black pumps she’ll lend me, in case I feel conspicuous when I put on my red shoes.

Fortunately, I haven’t been successful at losing weight, something I have tried to do when I had time to think about it. My suit still fits perfectly.

And I’m minding a shop on Tuesday, and have several deadlines between now and Monday, and the jeweler whom I mentioned said yes, she’d like me to donate a couple of hours of work to her.

So, yeah, still busy here.

I don’t know whether I actually will want the job or not. When I told the ladies of the choirlet about it last night, they were very enthusiastic. However, they are all nice ladies and would be encouraging anyway. It’s education management. They thought I’d need to do bookkeeping.

I was taken aback by that. I guess I’ll find out. At the moment, I’m mostly wondering whether it will be fun, whether the hours will be such that I could still keep plying The Dark Art, and whether they’d pay enough that it would be worthwhile.

Between now and time for the interview, I’ll need to shift my thinking to what they really need in a director, and whether I can truly serve their needs.

I’m also thinking that it would be good to know whether my big client gets approval from the board before I get any extermal job offers.