Wednesday July 19, 2006

Summer lassitude has set in. Our house is a mess, I am only getting to the gym twice a week, and when I come home and am met with “What’s for dinner?” my reaction is something like “You guys want to eat?!”

Also, I have mislaid my glasses, my toaster is broken, the coffeepot is leaking, the garage door is still broken, and the air conditioning in my car does not work.

The first sleeve of the Silken Damask Jasmine sweater is almost finished.

It is a raglan sleeve, which means that the front and back and both sleeves are angled so that they will meet at the shoulders. The example at the right is knitted in one piece, with  increases that create that shape, while Jasmine, and also Brooklyn, shown below left, are made in separate pieces and sewn together to create the same effect.

The Raglan sleeve was named after Lord Raglan, a mate of Wellington’s who did quite a lot of stuff in the Napoleonic wars and in the Crimean. Wellington also got some clothes named after him — when you put on your Wellies, you have to think of him. Cardigans and spencers are also named after English guys. I think it is actually very likely that more people know about raglan sleeves than know about Lord Raglan.

The poor fellow died of dysentery and/or disappointment following an unsuccessful battle.

Nowadays, I don’t think anyone will name a piece of clothing after you, no matter what. We are not making powell sweaters with rumsfeld sleeves, are we? Perhaps if they got out of their offices and had glorious victories, but really I think that opportunity has passed. None of us now can hope to be remember by posterity as a type of sleeve.







4 responses to “Wednesday July 19, 2006”

  1. Kali_Mama Avatar

    Perhaps if Powell and Rumsfeld were wearing very specific and unusual items, such as t-shirt dresses with net crinolines, or hiking boots attached to knit stockings, we would call that a “Powell” or “Rumsfeld.”

  2. dingus6 Avatar

    Dysentery and disappointment … what a pathetic way to go.

  3. simplespirit Avatar

    LOL!  I said the same thing tonight…”Food?  You guys want food?  Sheesh!”  I haven’t knitted purl one (get it? snort snort) this summer.  I have spent the better part of this afternoon watching a PBS dvd (1900 House) and pulling apart 2 faled attempts at a drawstring bag I ahd planned on using this summer.  My son was like, “Mom!  Your taking it all apart?”  Yeah.  Knitter’s sometimes do that…

    ‘cept you I bet… 😉

  4. MamaMoo13 Avatar

    I know I will be dating myself, but didn’t MC Hammer have those crazy pants he used to wear named after him?  Just a thought. 

    I, too, have summer lassitude – and I start back to school next week and have no lesson plans written yet!