We have to leave at an ungodly hour to pick #2 son up for the long weekend from Governor’s School, so I will just offer a few highlights from yesterday:

  • Client #5’s site went down again – the second time since I set it up for them. Since I had advised professional hosting, I don’t feel at fault. Still, not good.
  • I downloaded InDesign, but my new computer won’t allow it to run. It gives me dire warnings all the time, and by the time I click all the “allow” and “yes, I know but really, allow” buttons, InDesign is nothing but error messages.
  • My husband dropped me off a couple of miles from home so I could have a walk and he could have the car. I spent most of those two miles scrambling down into the ditch and back up, since there are no sidewalks and lots of traffic on that road. I knew there was a good reason that I went to the walking trails.

Maybe those are lowlights, rather than highlights.

At last night’s rehearsal, we sang “Awakening Chorus” in preparation for the ice cream social. That’s got to be the highlight.