Yesterday I wrote newsletters and blog posts and then went and met one of my clients. I’ve been working for this guy for a couple of months, but have had a bit of ambivalence about whether I was really going to be able to help him much, or even wanted to work with him. In the even,t I really enjoyed meeting him.

He works in a production company building. The neighboring offices, he said, had people come in with hours of film, for a reality show for example, and they’d be there for six months editing the stuff, and then they’d be gone. He stays on.

He gave us T shirts and product samples, and we trotted off to lunch at a Cuban restaurant and bakery. I had a Medianoche sandwich and my hostess brought over empanadas aqnd potato balls to share, along with her salad, which I also nibbled on. She had tirimasu and I had three-chocolate mousse cake. The client had a frothy pink drink. It was pretty lavish.

My hostess and I went on to Little Tokyo, where I found souvenirs for the kids and birthday presents for #2 daughter, whose birthday we’re celebrating next week. My hostess is Japanese-American but, like my own kids, doesn’t speak the language of her immigrant heritage, so we both got to listen and look at things with complete incomprehension.

There were many interesting things: tiny dried crabs, which I nearly bought to take home to my husband, little molds to turn a hard-boiled egg into the shape of a rabbit, brightening masks in the beauty shops about which more anon, patchwork kimonos, silk threads, and toys which we really couldn’t grasp.

We came back to my hostess’s house for salad and rehearsal.

Today I have a lot of blogging to do.