4 I spent the day yesterday in this nice bookstore. I was plying the Dark Art most of the day, though I did buy some peaches from a local orchard and chat with a local masseuse about her need for a web site.

The bookstore is one of my clients, and I mind it for the proprietor when she’s on the road. She’s a one-man band, so it’s good for her to have someone like me available.

When she came in, we had a good conversation on ways to follow up on the contacts she collected from her conference, e-mail marketing, and point of sale software.

That stuff is very expensive. I had no idea.

I got one of the new-client reports done, communicated with several other clients, and had an email from the Computer Guy about my own web site. He was stuck.

Apparently, my collection of images, which I delivered along with a request that he avoid symmetry, wasn’t enough for him to come up with a visual plan for the site. He asked me to go around an look at other content provider’s websites and tell him which ones I liked. This I was able to do. The only thing I noticed their having in common (apart from asymmetry) was a preponderance of vague leafy things or tentacles encroaching upon the horizontal blocks from an upper corner.

It began to feel like some sort of self-disclosure. Yes, I like the minimalist pink and black one with the branch coming from the top corner. And I like the soft ivory one with ironic pencils and the strange gray tendrils swirling out of the corner. And the black one with brilliant smears of color and the arabesques coming from the corner.